Trouble meditating? Ask yourself this one question.

Trouble meditating? Ask yourself this one question.

At some point we all hit a wall or feel stuck, especially when it comes to our meditation practices. Maybe we have a lot going on in our lives, or we are beign called to try something new.

Asking this one question can help you shift from feeling stuck to moving into a deeper meditation practice.

What do I want from my meditation practice?

Asking this simple question - best out loud - help you really recalibrate why you are doing what you are doing. 

What is you seek from this practice?

Meditation can bring about profound change, as well as expose the areas that need work, and that which may no longer serve you.

Most of us are seeking peace, truth and happiness all of which are not found in our materialistic world. 

To find this state of being you must go within, this is where you will feel these emotions and eventually merge them into you, your life, and your world. You will no longer feel rushed or anxious. You will become detached from drama and judgment. You will be free!

When you think about what you are trying to accomplish and with the new tools you are starting to discover; you will build up your meditation practice to be strong and connected. 

Perhaps you feel that there is something missing or a possible block surrounding your experience with meditation. Perhaps you see those cool pictures of a yogi or yogini, in great shape sitting by a mountain stream, or ocean beach in deep meditation and you would love to experience that too!  

Your meditation practice....

Can look any way you want; there is no right or wrong way.