How it works


Welcome! I am so honored to meet you here in this online space. 

Meditations with the Masters started over 6 years ago when I got the *nudge* from spirit to begin channeling guided meditations - with a little help!

When I first sat down to write one - I had dozens of Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Beings of Light requesting their very own guided meditation. I have over 30 recorded and I will be adding them to this library over time. 

Each guided meditation is unique and channeled from the Master that stepped forward. Some are truly experiential, and others are more lecture-based - all with the opportunity to connect with the beautiful Being and their own energy and frequency.

I suggest you browse the library to see if any resonate with you! The Ascended Masters invite you to journey along with them, and many may feel so familiar to you. That's because you likely work with them in this life (knowingly, or unknowingly) and many of you have lived lifetimes with these Masters when they walked this earth. 

Those who have listened to these meditations have had a profound journey - receiving messages and guidance that filled their hearts and cleared their paths. 

Upon purchasing a guided meditation that that speaks to you, you will receive an email with the download link. This link will take you to an MP3 file that you can download and listen from any of your devices.

You have unlimited access to this guided meditation recording and can listen to as often as you'd like! Please only listen when you are in a quiet and comfortable space (and please no driving when listening).

My wish for you is relaxation, re-connection and healing. Enjoy!

~ Karen