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Meditations With The Masters

Vision Board Workshop 2024

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Mountain Mystic
Vision Board Workshop
Vision Board Workshop 
Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024
1-3:30 pm MST
Value: $65.00

***You will need a computer to access pictures/statements, a colour printer, and the ability to use Zoom***

Karen uses her background in Feng Shui and Dream work to help visualise and energise your dreams to their maximum potential. Using the Bagua Map is a unique and highly effective tool which has proven itself over the many years of facilitating Vision Board Workshops. 

Our Dreams can feel “out there” and “broad in scope” and often when  asked to articulate our wants and desires we draw a blank. By dreaming we  call in and communicate with our “self” receiving messages and clarity. Dreaming isn’t always in pictures, it can be presented as words, statements, music and even 3D objects. 

A Vision Board is an excellent way to provide clarity for yourself and the universe as to what you want exactly; a visual representation of your dreams and desires. By presenting your dreams in pictures and words you are “activating” your dreams. I am always blown away at what each attendee co-creates and manifests.

The universal energy is here to support each and every one of us! You need only ask. It’s that simple.

Articulating exactly what we want short of a couple million dollars and a shiny new car can be challenging, and for some it’s not only about the material pleasures but our spiritual fulfilment, career, health, travel and love expressed in meaningful ways. Hence the Bagua Map where we cover all the areas of “life”. 

With this balanced and meaningful approach you will be ready to take aligned action by finding appropriate pictures, statements and desires to express the experience you wish to have. After all we are human beings, we have needs and desires outside of our spiritual wishes! (Ahem new car 😉).

If this sounds interesting to you please consider joining us on:

 February 11, at 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm MST
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Value: $65.00

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